Please read these information before you download JVComm32

JVComm32 runs on a multitude of different computers and operating system (as long as they are Windows ;-)
I cannot guarantee, however, that JVComm32 runs on any possible combination of Hardware, operating system and system drivers.

I have tested the program myself with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 professional, XP and Windows 7 (RC).
Addendum March, 2024: JVComm32 does also run on Windows 11. On some devices, there could be a problem with the proper selection of the sound input, or ouput.
For such cases, a modified JVComm32.exe file is available for download that should fix this problem.

Please do not ask me whether or not JVComm32 will run on your computer system. I just cannot tell because the variety of hardware/ software and driver combinations is almost infinite.

If the program turns out to not run smoothly on your computer, please have a look at the FAQ page on this site. Here, you can find some hints on how to get JVComm32 running on some "nasty" computers.

If you like JVComm32 you can get a free, personalised registration key. If you like to get one, please contact me via register @ The key turns turn the free demo version into a full unrestricted version.

Before you ask for a free registration key, please agree with the following items:

  • You have downloaded the demo version of JVComm32 and have tested it substantially.
  • You know that a later change of your hardware, drivers or operating system may cause JVComm32 to malfunction or to function in a different way.
  • Just like almost all software writers, I shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising from the use of the JVComm32 program package.
  • Using this software for the reception of some transmissions as well as the reception of these transmissions itself might be illegal in some countries. I shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of such illegal acts.
  • Before you contact me for support, you have read the topical FAQs on this home page, and have not found a solution for your problem there.
  • This is the last version of JVComm32. There will be no further development, and there won’t be any bugfixes anymore.

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