Here are some links to JVComm32 related sites and others pages that deal with FAX, SSTV, or amateur radio.

Other JVComm32 download sites:

U.K. download & registration site
at Pervisell, the sole distributor of JVComm32 in the U.K. They have a secure site for registation by credit card, too.

Links to manufaturers who offer hardware that runs with JVComm32

Information on the SCS PTC-II
Pactor Controller is available from the SCS homepage.

Information on the DSPCOM interface
is available on the RBW-Elektronik homepage

Westmountainradio's RIGblaster Homepage
The RIGblaster connects your radio to your computer's sound card. It is the easy and modern way to get on the air with PSK31, SSTV, RTTY, AMTOR, PACKET, CW, Contest Voice Keying, HSCW meteor scatter, and other new modes.

FAX & SSTV related links

NOAA National Weather Service Marine Product Dissemination Information
This page is a >must< for all yachtsmen cruising in and around the United States.

NOAA Worldwide Marine Radiofacsimile Facsimile Schedules
On this page, you can find a pdf document with up-to-date worldwide radiofax schedules.

Marius Rensen's HFFAX home page
Here, you can find a lot of information on HF-FAX and the reception of weather satellites, as well as some pictures that have been received using JVComm32

Dave Jones KB4YZ home page
has links to numerous SSTV related sites, many pictures,links to hardware manufacturers and SSTV software download sites and a lot of information on the different SSTV modes.

Other links

The Intermar Bluewater Page

  DARC Ortsverband R09

  DXer home page by K.D. Scholz

  Bernd Mielkes Datenfunk home page

  HamRad - one of the biggest non-commecial ham radio links databases